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  • 10 Mini Sweet Buckets

    £15.00 £13.00

    100% Halal Mix Sweets in Mini Buckets - 190ml x 10

  • 10 Mini sweet Tubs

    £17.50 £14.00

    100% Halal Mix Sweets in mini Tubs - 250ml x 10

  • 1001 Nights – Handmade Bookma...


    Handmade Bookmark, printed from original watercolour, hand signed on the back and professionally laminated.

  • 1in5 Muslims


    Premium quality t-shirt printed with you own caption.

  • 365 Days With The Prophet Muhammad


    365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad (saw)” is a beautiful book that is a must own for Muslim families everywhere.…

  • 365 Days with the Sahabah


    They were always with our Prophet (saw). Love, mercy, ethic, peace, and greetings: they learned them all from him. Most…

  • 4 Qul Abstract

    £12.99 £9.99

    4 Qul in modern abstract style.

  • 6 Regular Jars Mix Sweets (Fuchsia ...

    £22.80 £18.00

    6x 380ml Jars mixed sweets Fuchsia Pink

  • 6 Regular Jars Mix Sweets (Royal Bl...

    £22.80 £18.00

    6x 380ml jars Royal Blue

  • A Comparative Study of Inheritance ...


    In this 376-page publication, Abdurraghiem Hasan Sallie provides an insight into the laws pertaining to Inheritance in Islam. Using and…

  • A Dua and a Brew Islamic Mug


    'A Dua and a brew will see you through' "And your Lord says, 'Call upon Me; I will respond to…

  • A Journey through the World of Beli...


    Monotheism (Tauhid) – the Oneness of God (Allah) – is the very essence of Islam, encompassing the core belief system…