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  • Deep Impact – 50ml


    100% organic, natural deep cleansing wash filled with antiseptic properties. Try our Deep Impact Face Wash; it will leave your…

  • Fantastic Feet – 120ml


    Fantastic Feet is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial, it also works as an antiseptic. It helps to soothe…

  • Hair & Beard Balm – 50ml


    Our Hair & Beard Oil is a fusion of carefully selected organic oils that will nourish both hair and scalp;…

  • Himalayan Salt & Coconut Scrub


    Himalayan Salt & Coconut Facial /Body Scrub. Handmade with Natural Pure and Organic Fairtrade ingredients.

  • Hydrating Cream – 120ml


    Hydrating Cream will moisturise the skin without giving it a greasy feel. For women who wear make up, it acts…

  • Lavender Vanilla Mint Soap


    Our Natural soaps are made with a base of olive, coconut, sustainable palm oil and castor oil with essential oils…

  • Natural Organic Lip Balms


    Lip balms made from Natural ingredients, Almond, Jojoba, Coconut oil, and Shea Butter.

  • Neem Cream – 120ml


    Neem is particularly high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it quickly penetrates the outer layer of the skin restoring…

  • Organic Baby Balm – 120ml


    Our Organic Baby Balm is an alternative for baby oil; regular baby oil is petroleum based and packed with chemicals…

  • Organic Shea Butter

    From: £2.00

    Shea Butter is all body moisturizer for the skin body face and hair. It has fantastic benefits for those troublesome…

  • Palestinian Fair Trade Olive Oil Soap


    Choose from this selection of 6 gorgeous Palestinian Fair Trade olive oil soap varieties made by Sindyanna of Galilee in…

  • Rhassoul Clay 300g


    Pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay excellent for skin problems, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, oily skin.