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Browse from halal (alcohol free) beard cream and halal sweets to printed Islamic t-shirts and clothing from retailers and independent sellers, designers and artists

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  • Top Coat-Gloss


    Gloss Top Coat by MAYA. Each bottle comes in its own individually packaged box! All Maya products are animal-free and…

  • Ultimate Eye Gel – 10ml


    If you’re wondering how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes as well as general puffiness, then you’ll…

  • Organic Baby Balm – 120ml


    Our Organic Baby Balm is an alternative for baby oil; regular baby oil is petroleum based and packed with chemicals…

  • Marrakech Nail Polish by 786 Cosmet...


    Marrakech by 786 Cosmetics has a gorgeous dark red tone and a smooth finish. Marrakech is known as the “Red…

  • Deep Impact – 50ml


    100% organic, natural deep cleansing wash filled with antiseptic properties. Try our Deep Impact Face Wash; it will leave your…

  • Rhassoul Clay 300g


    Pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay excellent for skin problems, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, oily skin.


  • Tranquility Pack Card Freshener

    £6.00 £5.00

    Pack of 3 Mixed Card Freshners

  • Oudh E-Hassas Card Freshener


    Deep, rich hues of patchouli, oudh and frankincense enliven this fragrance with majestic uplifts of succulent ambers, the herbaceous spice…

  • Organic Luban Frankincense


    Frankincense arabic name is luban. It used in the perfume and cosmetic industry. It's has been used worldwide for over…


  • Fool’s Gold – Milk Chocolat...


    The name Rocky Road is said to have originated in Australia in 1853 during the gold rush. Unscrupulous businessmen took…

  • Halal Beef Gelatine Powder 100g


    High quality Halal Beef Gelatine Ideal grade gelatine, perfect for use in desserts, Jellies, Cheesecakes, Marshmallows, Soufflés, mousses & MORE.

  • Chocolate Truffle Selection Box


    Chocolate truffle selection box. Elegantly packaged, each box contains 15 hand rolled truffles.

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