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  • Himalayan Salt & Coconut Scrub


    Himalayan Salt & Coconut Facial /Body Scrub. Handmade with Natural Pure and Organic Fairtrade ingredients.

  • Mystique


    A metallic sea green with a shimmery finish. Each bottle comes in its own individually packaged box! All Maya products…

  • Organic Baby Balm – 120ml


    Our Organic Baby Balm is an alternative for baby oil; regular baby oil is petroleum based and packed with chemicals…

  • Mirage


    A muddy saddle brown hue for a simple yet sophisticated look. Each bottle comes in its own individually packaged box!…

  • Ultimate Eye Gel – 10ml


    If you’re wondering how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes as well as general puffiness, then you’ll…

  • Ruman


    Ruman, coming from the Arabic word for pomegranate. Color can be described as a deep raspberry red resembling crushed pomegranate.…


  • Mukallat Manama Card Freshener


    An aromatic woody blend contrasting oriental woods, resins and divine cedarwood in a smooth oudh glamour. Fragrant rose and heady…

  • Mukallat Sultan Card Freshener


    Amber and patchouli entwine in this calm woodland hue depicting hints of fougere, verdant bergamot and coated in serene cashmere…


  • Sour Strawberries

    From: £0.60

    Sugar coated jelly strawberries. Soft, chewy strawberry flavour that packs a sour punch! A lovely mouthful of deliciousness.

  • Fizzy Cola Bottles

    From: £0.60

    A soft and scrumptious Cola flavoured jelly bottle with a fizzy and sour bite. Simply irresistible and mouth watering. Fizzy…

  • Gummy Teeth

    From: £0.60

    Fruity jelly fangs that are perfect for a little light bite. This is a sweet that you can really get…

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